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The Matterhorn balconies

 Cervino Lago Cignana Ferrovia Lago Goillet


We are located on the Italian side of the Cervino (Matherhorn), it is a huge and almost perfect pyramidal peak in the Monte Rosa area of the Pennine Alps, whose summit is 4,478 metres (14,692 ft) high, located on the Swiss-Italian border, between the canton of Valais and the Aosta Valley.

Two spectacular days of mountain bike dipped in a fantastic natural environment furrowing single tracks, forest tracks, reaching mountain pastures, enjoying breathtaking views!

The program includes accommodation in a hotel in Breuil-Cervinia, which is one of the most important centers of the Italian alpine skiing. Thanks to the village of Plan-Maison, located at 2561 meters above sea level, Breuil-Cervinia holds the record of the highest village in Europe.
During the summer you can ski on the glaciers of Plateau Rosa on slopes located between 3300 and 4000 meters above sea level; but the skiing resort area in the summer gets transformed for mountain biking. In July DH enthusiasts gather for the famous Maxiavalanche international mtb competition.

The itinerary also reaches Chamois a municipality located 1815 meters above sea level in the middle valley of the Cervino. It is part of the "Alpine Pearls", the only Italian city not accessible by car, is reached only by a cable car, or either you can reach it on foot or by bicycle.

The tour of the balconies is particularly suitable for bikers who travel with family, since there is accommodation in Breuil-Cervinia, you can meet at the end of the first day of the event at the booked accomodation. Family members who do not cycle can visit Breuil and enjoy all the tourist services on this beautiful alpine resort but also reach and visit Chamois, a passing point of the tour participants.


Tour dates 

The Tour is organized on request


Technical data

Route type : Trail
Target : adults with medium/high riding skills and sufficiently trained for indicated km and height
Territory : Medium and high mountain (meadows and coniferous forests, meadows, pastures ...)
Technical difficulty : AS and some stretches GS
Phisical requierements : medium-high, due to the positive elevation height and the distance as well as the distance and a few stretches of portage
Transfers : not provided
Cycling: 90%
Period of validity : (depending on the absence of snow and / or the opening of refuges)
Duration : 2 days
Distance : 70 km (38 km frst day ; 32 km second day)
Departure height : 1050 mt
Minimum height : 1050 mt
Maximum height : 2445 mt
Overnight height : 2000 mt
Positive elevation height : 2850 mt (1850 mt first day ; 1000 mt second day)


Participation fee

For informations Contact Us!

The tour is guaranteed with a minimum of 4 participants otherwise the organizers will decide if it will still be performed with a lower number.

The fee includes:
- Card of our association affiliated UISP (for those who do not already have the card UISP) with insurance coverage and other benefits;
- Accompanied by one or more teachers of MTB depending on the number of participants and / or conditions (max 7 people per 1 teacher);
- With support van that can intervene in case of technical failure or other unforeseen events;
- Souvenir photos in digital format
For those who want to attend a one-day tour, the participation fee is 95 € (membership fee to the association PleinAirMTB included)

For those who are already subscribed to our association the participation fee per person is 150 € for the two days and 75 € for one day.





Bike suitable for mountain biking and working perfectly (it is recommended to check it before the ride); helmet (mandatory), clothing suitable for mountain bike (it is recommended, in particular, the use of sunglasses with UV protection and gloves), backpack for extra clothing (sweaters, rain/wind jacket, etc.), for drinks and for food (picnic lunch). Do not forget the sunscreen. In any case, the clothing should be appropriate to the portion that is reached, whereas the mountain weather can change quickly, and also the temperature easily approach zero degrees.

It is recommended to bring an inner tube of reserve, to be used in case of a puncture, and a connecting link for the chain to be used in case of failure and other parts suitable for your bicycle.

For more information please contact us. In any case, you can have our advice to better prepare the excursion depending on the period and forecast.



For more information Contact Us!